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Être artiste au festival

Veuillez noter que seuls les artistes et formations retenus par le comité de programmation seront contactés.

Si vous n’êtes pas choisi pour l’année en cours, cela ne signifie pas que vous ne le serez pas l’année suivante. Aussi, le comité de programmation a comme politique de ne pas présenter le même artiste/la même formation deux années consécutives.

Vous voulez être de la partie? Faites-nous parvenir votre matériel de support par la poste à l’adresse ci-bas dès le mois d’octobre.

Le dossier doit contenir les informations suivantes :

  1. Le nom de l’artiste ou de la formation
  2. Une biographie de l’artiste ou des membres de la formation
  3. Un lien de téléchargement d’une photo haute résolution
  4. La description du spectacle proposé
  5. Une discographie
  6. Une liste de spectacles récents et à venir
  7. Des coupures de presse, critiques
  8. Des extraits audio ou vidéo (CD, DVD, VHS, liens vers matériel sur le web)

Lanaudière : Mémoire et Racines
144, rue Saint-Joseph Joliette (Québec) J6E 5C4

Perform at the festival

Festival Mémoire et Racines happens annually on the last complete weekend of July. The festival starts Friday night at 20h and finished Sunday night. Approximately 100 artists perform each year. While the festival is strongly focused on presenting traditional music, song, dance and storytelling from the Lanaudière region and other regions of Québec, it also features roots music from other provinces and countries. The winning touch at Mémoire et Racines is a dedication to offering festival goers intimate workshops and acoustic concerts.

Saturday and Sunday festure performances, themed round-robin style workshops and participatory sessions beneath small tents, without amplification. The atmosphere is congenial and permits the public direct contact with artists, so they can better appreciate their playing and traditional repertoire. In the evening, the action takes place on the main stage (amplified, to be sure!), at the Scène Gilles-Cantin, which seats 2000 people. The entire festival takes place in beautiful Parc Bosco in Saint-Charles-Borromée, close to Joliette. This rolling site borders the meandering Rivière Assomption.


Festival Mémoire et Racines is first and foremost dedicated to the performance of traditional music, song, dance and storytelling. Artists can be from Québec or elsewhere. In most cases, festival artists will perform once on the main stage and offer acoustic concerts or workshops during the day, where they may share the stage with other artists to illlustrate a theme. Artists may also be asked to initiate amateur musicians (i.e. Master Class) in a particular area of specialization.

In exchange, the festival offers its performers :

  • A reasonable fee
  • Meals in the onsite performer/volunteer cafeteria
  • Accommodations (either camping onsite or billets at a nearby volunteer home)
  • Travel expenses, if required
  • Professional sound tech
  • A boutique in which to sell recordings and merchandise
  • An unforgettable weekend of friendship, music and pleasure!

Introduce yourself

Please note that only selected artists will be contacted by the programming comittee.

If you are not chosen in a given year, this does not mean you won’t be selected another year. It is festival policy that no artist may be presented two years in a row.If you’d like to apply, please mail the following information to the address below after October 1.

  1. Artist/band name
  2. Biography
  3. Link to download high res photos
  4. Description of performance
  5. List of recent and upcoming shows
  6. Press clippings, reviews
  7. Audio and/or video samples (CD, DVD, VHS, links to online material)

Lanaudière : Mémoire et Racines
144, rue Saint-Joseph Joliette (Québec) J6E 5C4

du 26 au 27 juillet

Centre-ville de Joliette

du 28 au 30 juillet

Parc Bosco à

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Lanaudière : Mémoire et Racines
144, rue Saint-Joseph
Joliette (Québec)  J6E 5C4
Téléphone 450 752-6798
Sans frais 1 888 810-6798


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