Hommage aux Ainés

Born in the heart of the Lanaudière region where folklore takes center stage, the members of the group ‘Hommage aux Aînés’ have been dedicating themselves, for over 29 years, to making crowds relive the late nights of the good old days…in the way of their festive Ancestors.

Deeply rooted in the village of St-Côme and inspired by this and other vibrant regions of Québec, their songs honor the past and reflect the good-hearted and lively nature of pioneers. A band of musical Bon Vivants celebrated for their keen sense of interpretation has made ‘Hommage aux Aînés’ one of the most famous and celebrated folk music groups of this region.

The group consists of five singers and musicians, namely: Serge Thériault & Gaston Lepage &Martin Bordeleau on vocals. Louise Lepage on vocals & piano. Dany Baillargeon on vocals & guitar. Jean-Francois Branchaud on vocals, violon & stepping. & Michel Bordeleau vocals, guitar tenor & stepping.