La Galvaude

Formed in 1991 by Éric Beaudry, Bobby Bordeleau, Stéphanie Lépine and Michèle Mercure, the members of the founding quartet were all students in the Cégep de Joliette music program. After a first opus in 1992, “La Galvaude” (only on tape), the band became sextet for their second album “La danse des foins” (1993) with the addition of flutist Henri Mondor and bassist François Marion. “Le Rapide du Joual Blanc” (1995), referring to a suite of compositions by the recently regretted Jean-Claude Mirandette, will be their last record. The composition of the group in its last years of activities had notably changed with the arrival of bassist Gilles Neault and percussionist Patrick Graham. The group stops its activities in 1999. Galvaude has had the chance to perform on the stages of the biggest folk festivals in Canada and the USA. It was also the first edition of the Memory and Racines Festival 25 years ago.