Stephan Faulkner

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Stephen Faulkner will offer a free show on Thursday, July 23 at 8:00 p.m. live on Mémoire et Racines’ Facebook page.

Stephen Faulkner recorded his first solo album: Cassonade, which contained his famous song, Si j’avais un char.

In 1980, he published À cheval donné, on r’garde pas la bride,with countryaccents, but slightly more rock than the previous album. Faulkner can count on the collaboration of prestigious guests. Jean Millaire, Michel Lamothe, Roger Belval and Marjo of the group Corbeau, Michel Rivard, Réal Desrosiers and Michel Hinton de Beau Dommage, Christiane Robichaud, France Castel and Louise Forestier at the choirs, etc. One song stands out in particular, Doris, a country-rock ballad about the difficulties of being a club singer, a theme that inspires Faulkner.

The 1980s were quite difficult in terms of discography. Le Rap du pape, a song that derisively evokes the visit of Pope John Paul II to Montreal in 1984, was withdrawn from the market by his record company.

In the mid-80s he made two trips to France and delighted the public with his few shows. He is a guest of Jean-Louis Foulquier in Pollen on France Inter.

In the early 1990s,he gave a few series of shows in France. The song Un cowboy à Paris testifies to his French “experience”.

In 1992, after a long eclipse on disc, he returned with Caboose. The disc contains the song Cajuns de l’an 2000, which weaves parallels between the history of the people Acadian (deported to Louisiana) and the political situation of Quebecers. Pierre Flynn formerly of the group Octobre at theHammond organ B3 and the choirs, Rick Haworth and Jean Millaire on guitar, Dan Bigras on piano have all played on this album.

In 1995, the anthology Si j’avais un char released all of its production from 1975 to 1992. That summer, he reunited with Plume for an Pommes de routeanniversary concert, on the stage of the Montreal Spectrum,as part of the Montreal FrancoFolies.

In 2000, he returned to the album with Tessons d’auréole. The album includes the suave swing La Perle rare as well as L’Étoile vagabonde, a sequel to the song Doris.

In 2002, Stephen Faulkner repatriated his entire catalogue to La Tribu, a record label directed by the phlegmatic Claude Larivée (president of ADISQ from 2007). Since then, Cass has released two new albums for La Tribu, including Capturé.vivant (a live), recorded at the Just for Laughs cabaret in 2002.

In 2004, he returned with Les Cheminots for his album Train De Vie, on which we also find Antoine Gratton on keyboards and Éloi Painchaud on 12-string guitar, harmonica and choirs.